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Ensure A Smooth Election

Get access to solutions, workflows and experts to help you process vote-by-mail ballots  

Start planning now for the next election by implementing an accountable and secure process for your vote-by-mail system. An automated system eliminates headaches, reduces costs and manual labor, and ensure complete election transparency. We have the tools and experience to help you ensure smooth operations. 

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Automate Ballot Prep


Upgrade the process of sorting, folding, and inserting ballots in the envelope


Use Intelligent Tracking 


Rely on intelligent barcoding and other mechanisms to track ballots


Ensure Traceability


Manage and validate the chain of custody of every mailed ballot

You need mail experts on your team

In addition to existing voter enablement, you’ll need tools and workflows to oversee mail processes, tracking, validation and reporting. We have over 90+ years’ experience in mail management, automation software, equipment and processes. We’re here to help you lead your election and ensure successful end results. 

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State-of-the-Art Ballot Folders and Inserters

Assemble the process, not the ballots

Vote-by-mail requests are likely to exceed existing capacity plans. Enable your team with an effective and affordable tool to assemble mail ballots. Our technology is built to meet high-volume workflow demands but designed for simplicity and ease of use. Proven and trusted by a range of use cases, from election committees to financial firms and the medical industry with highly sensitive documents. 

Precision Postage for Mail-In Ballots 

Set the standard for high-volume ballot mailing

Automatically weigh, measure, meter, seal and stack a large vote-by-mail run in just minutes. Get access to a suite of postal services so you can track ballots as they move through the mail stream with Intelligent Mail® barcode compliance from the USPS®. 

Must-Have Inbound Ballot Openers

Risk-limiting infrastructure at an affordable price

Be sure you are well-positioned to process inbound ballots. Good election oversight recommends using high-volume software to open and date stamp ballots to reduce errors. Mail openers are perfect for election centers that need to process hundreds or thousands of ballots a day. Proven technology protects envelope contents and preserves voter privacy. Your team will also appreciate easy-to-view operator screens to help them monitor job functions and settings.

Complete Ballot Chain of Custody

Inbound delivery path with full visibility

Respond quickly to the increased influx of mail-in ballots with an accountable, complete view of your internal delivery process. Trace the movement history from the ballot box or the post office right to your processing center—all from your desktop or mobile app. Election staff will have the necessary tools to oversee the complete chain of custody. Pinpoint and track the location, date, condition, movement, and identification of volunteers who have custody of each and every ballot delivery. Manage your entire process with confidence and elevate the value of your team within your community.

Address of Record Validation

Augment your labor process with intelligence

Over 40 million people move each year, about 14% of the total population in the United States. For election commissions, this can create a significant cost center and serious barrier to ensuring every vote counts. e-Validate is a remarkably simple cloud-based address system that advances your current workflow by verifying voters’ addresses before ballots are mailed. Impact “turnout” by proactively mailing post cards to validated addresses while adhering to NCOA requirements. e-Validate also supports sustainable Green Initiatives and saves valuable funds across your committee!

Same Day In, Same Day Out: An Outbound Vote-By-Mail Webinar

Election officials from Leon County, Florida chatted with our mail experts about how they set themselves up for outbound mail-in ballot success! Access the on demand video and slides here.


Questions Every Election Commissioner Should Ask


Do we have enough redundancies for a huge increase in mail in ballot demand??

Have we developed a reliable QA process?

Is there a mail expert on our team?

What's our back-up plan if equipment or processes break down?



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More than 90+ Years' Experience

We understand the great challenges associated with building and maintaining a successful vote-by-mail program without making huge investments. 

We have experienced experts in over 200 locations across the country who can provide guidance, leadership and affordable tools to help ensure successful end results.

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You don’t have much time, but you also don’t have to make a huge investment. We can help you put a customized plan in place on time, so you'll have a successful election."
Bobby Fox
Quadient Mail Expert - Tampa, Florida
Automated absentee ballot insertion will revolutionize our operations."
Andy Lokken
Director, Dakota County

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