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10 Shipping Season Tips from Santa, the Master of Holiday Shipping

November 2, 2023

Navigating the holiday shipping rush can be a bit overwhelming, but we're here to help! We've asked Santa, our holiday shipping expert, to share his top 10 tips for a smoother shipping experience,


10 Shipping Season Tips from Santa, the Master of Holiday Shipping:


 1 - Keep Supplies Handy: Make sure you've got all your shipping materials ready, like boxes, tape, labels, and more.

 2 - Know the Important Dates: Mark your calendar with crucial delivery deadlines and the last day to send your packages for holiday arrival. Check the holiday shipping deadlines in our article here.

 3 - Save on Postage: Stay informed about USPS® price changes and any extra charges from FedEx® and UPS® for 2023 to avoid overpaying. Get the details.

 4 - Compare Shipping Rates: Take a closer look at your shipping costs and choose the most budget-friendly options for ground and air delivery. You can use software for that!

 5 - Flat Rate Shipping: Consider using Flat Rate Shipping, especially for heavier packages, as it can save you money. Learn more about Flate Rate Shipping.

 6 - No Saturday Surcharges: Don't pay extra for Saturday delivery services. Need delivery on a Saturday? USPS® does it for FREE.

 7 - Understanding DIM Weight and saving money: DIM Weight helps calculate the cost of shipping larger, lighter packages that take up a lot of space in delivery vehicles. Learn more about DIM Weight

 8 - Calculate Dimensional Weight: Different carriers have different ways of calculating dimensional weight. Don't worry, there's a calculator for that!

 9 - Check Carrier Policies: Stay up to date with carrier policies as they can change during the busy holiday season, affecting their service guarantees.

 10 - Plan for Next Year: It's never too early to start planning for next year. Remember to review your shipping invoices to find ways to save money and consider more cost-effective shipping options and delivery times.



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