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6 Certified Mail Myths Debunked

February 1, 2021
Author: Demetri Smith

MYTH #1: Certified Mail™ is just for legal documents.

Debunked! Certified Mail is a USPS® Extra Service that can be used for any critical mailing that needs proof of delivery. Certified Mail requires a recipient signature, but this signature record is maintained for two years by the USPS. If you need a record of receipt for your files, you can use the USPS Return Receipt service for an additional fee. The Return Receipt can be provided to you in two forms: hard copy or electronic. The green hard-copy receipt is about the size of a postcard. It's sent back to you through the mail. An electronic Return Receipt emailed to you as a PDF. If you use Certified Mail software, like ConnectSuite e-Certify, all of your Return Receipts are accessible 24/7  and downloadable online through the platform.

MYTH #2: Sending Certified Mail is expensive.

You can make sending Certified Mail more affordable just by choosing electronic Return Receipt over the hard-copy option. Let's break it down: The Certified Mail fee costs $3.60 in addition to the first-class mail price ($0.55 cents if you use a stamp or $0.51 if you have a postage meter). If you want faster service, you'll have to add on the cost of Priority Mail®. Additional services for Certified Mail include Return Receipt, which is $2.85 for a hard-copy mailed receipt, also known as a “green card." If you use electronic Return Receipt, you'll reduce the cost to only $1.75 and save $1.10 on every Certified Mail piece you send! The best way to do this is to prepare Certified Mail using software, like ConnectSuite e-Certify

MYTH #3: Certified Mail records must be stored and filed manually. 

The truth is: the hard-copy Return Receipt, or “green card,” is difficult for both you and the US Postal Service to manage and store. That's why using electronic Return Receipts instead of the old-fashioned “green cards" saves you money. Electronic return receipts are $1.10 cheaper than hard-copy Return Receipts, and they can easily be archived and retrieved online! With e-Certify you can store your electronic Return Receipts securely in the cloud for as long as you subscribe to the service.

MYTH #4: Certified Mail takes too long to deliver.

Not necessarily. Certified Mail usually takes 3 to 5 business days unless you send it via 2-day or 3-day service using Priority Mail. Keep in mind that someone must sign for the Certified Mail. There are usually three delivery attempts made to deliver your mail piece, which in total can take up to 17 to 21 days. To prevent any delays, you can ensure your Certified Mail reaches the correct address by uploading address lists to e-Certify. You can also use e-Validate, which is an address correction solution that is also part of ConnectSuite. No more hand-written address entry!

MYTH #5: Certified Mail has to be done at the post office.

No way! The USPS allows Certified Mail labels to be printed at home or work with software such as ConnectSuite e-Certify. You can print and track certified mail labels quickly and easily from your desktop. Then store your electronic Return Receipts simply and securely in the cloud. No more trips to the post office or tiny “green cards” to keep track of.  

MYTH #6: Certified Mail can’t be tracked.

Certified Mail can be tracked online from the USPS website or right from e-Certify, our easy-to-use, centralized platform online!


To learn more about Certified Mail, visit USPS Extra Services page.

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