6 Certified Mail® Myths Debunked

September 10, 2018
Author: Caroline McManus
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1. Certified Mail™ is just for legal documents.

Certified Mail is a USPS® Extra Service that can be used for any important mailing that you want to have proof was received. Certified Mail requires a signature when it is received and this record is maintained for two years by the USPS. If you need a record of receipt for your files you can add Return Receipt service for an additional fee. The Return Receipt can be a small postcard-sized “green card” mailed to your address or an electronic Return Receipt that is downloadable online or simply emailed to you.

2. Sending Certified Mail is expensive.

Sending Certified Mail can be affordable especially by choosing an electronic Return Receipt over a hard copy. Certified Mail costs $3.45 in addition to the first class mail price ($.50 with stamps, $.47 with a postage meter rates) or the Priority Mail® price if you want faster service. Additional services for Certified Mail include Return Receipt, which is $2.75 for a hardcopy mailed receipt also known as a “green card”, or $1.50 for an electronic Return Receipt. By using an electronic Return Receipt with Certified Mail software like ConnectSuite e-Certify you can save $1.25 per Return Receipt.

3. Certified Mail records must be kept manually. 

The Return Receipt or little “green card” is difficult for both you and the US Postal Service to manage and store. That is why you can now use electronic Return Receipts to replace old fashioned “green cards.” They are $1.25 cheaper than hardcopy Return Receipts and they can easily be archived and retrieved. With ConnectSuite e-Certify you can store your electronic Return Receipts securely in the cloud for as long as you are subscribing to the service.

4. Certified Mail takes a long time to deliver.

Not necessarily. Certified Mail usually takes 3 to 5 business days unless you send it via Priority Mail 2 or 3 day service. However someone must sign for the Certified Mail. There are usually three delivery attempts which can take up to 17 to 21 days. To prevent delays be sure you are sending your Certified Mail to the correct address. With Connectsuite e-Certify you can simply type in the recipient’s address, no more hand-written address entry.

5. Certified Mail has to be done at the post office.

The USPS allows Certified Mail labels to be printed at home or work with software such as ConnectSuite e-Certify. You can print and track your certified mail labels simply from you desktop and store electronic Return Receipts easily and securely in the cloud. No more trips to the post office or little “green cards” to keep track of.  

6. Certified Mail can’t be tracked.

Certified Mail can be tracked online at USPS or you can track them from your desktop with your Certified mail software or cloud-based solution like ConnectSuite e-Certify.

6 Certified Mail Myths


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