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High-Octane Insights from the National Postal Forum (NPF)


Last month, we revved our engines and headed to this year’s National Postal Forum (NPF), held in Indianapolis, IN, the heart of motorsport! Hosted by the U.S. Postal Service, the NPF is an annual conference that brings together thousands of industry leaders, companies and vendors in the mailing and shipping industry. This year raced towards innovation and excellence with over 120 educational workshops, courses and expert-lead sessions. 

Here are 10 big ideas covered at NPF this year:
  1. Important innovations in postal technology, like the benefits of Intelligent Mail Indicia and mastering mail compliance
  2. Key trends in the shipping industry, including services, solutions and affordable returns programs
  3. The latest insights shaping Direct Mail Marketing and how direct mailers can achieve remarkable ROI
  4. Omnichannel strategies for print mailers
  5. The power of Intelligent Mail Barcodes (IMbA)
  6. The secret to combining digital and print mail
  7. The value of high-quality address information in the age of data and reducing the burden (and costs) of returned mail
  8. Supercharging postage savings (using tactics like presorting, commingling, and more)
  9. Informed visibility for mail tracking and reporting
  10. The power of color inkjet at production speed (Hosted by Quadient’s very own, Steve Barnes!)
“What moment or big idea stood out to you from the NPF, and why?” 

We sent a team of Quadient experts to NPF to get insights that will help your business stay ahead of the curve in our rapidly evolving postal landscape. Here’s what they had to say:

“One of the big moments for me was the presentation given by Zack Kass on AI (Artificial Intelligence), what it is, where it is going and the impact it will have on the world! AI is transformational for every industry, even the postal industry.” Check out his website: https://zackkass.com/ 
—Mike Richetelli, Senior Manager, Postal Relations and Compliance


“The big idea we can all get excited about is the “Delivering for America” Plan from the USPS. It aims to streamline internal processes and workflows at the sorting and delivery warehouses by ensuring fewer but fuller trucks on the road while cultivating a user-friendly, one-stop shopping experience for mailers and shippers. The USPS even has go-green initiatives with a new-and-improved fleet of both electric and combustion engine vehicles. Quadient’s Parcel Lockers offer a unique way to aid in the ‘green’ initiative by offering one destination for multiple packages.”
—Kristy L. Budahazy, Postal Relations and Compliance Project Manager


“The best part of NPF was the attendees who stopped by the booth. Businesses upgrading their systems loved the ability to get hands on with our mailing equipment and software. The ability to ship their own packages added to their excitement for their future upgrades.”
—Monica Wright, Business Development Manager

> Shipping all that conference SWAG was on us! NPF attendees used Quadient shipping software to send their conference items home via USPS Priority Mail Flat Rate®.


 “A lot of customers had questions about the upcoming IMI compliance changes from the USPS. It was fantastic to be able to answer questions from our customers about their current solutions while showcasing the latest IMI compliant technology from Quadient – especially allowing attendees to process their own parcels.”
— Kevin Warner, Director Of Sales, Government


“I could not get over how busy the Quadient booth was. Attendees were impressed with our technology – from our cost-effective inline inkjet printing and best-in-class folder inserters to S.M.A.R.T shipping and smart lockers.”
—Peter Beal, Senior Director, Document Systems

“The USPS wants to be the mailing and shipping carrier of choice and is investing in new facilities and technology to earn that business. Quadient’s mailing and shipping solutions amplify the Postal Service products and make it easy for customers to compare rates and make the best choice for their business.”
—Ann Daly, VP, Global Postal Relations

“The exhibition hall was buzzing! It was wonderful to meet new members to NPF and reconnect with friends and colleagues whom we have not seen in over a year!“
—Mike Richetelli, Senior Manager, Postal Relations and Compliance


“It felt great to be on the conference floor, speaking directly with our customers who have Quadient folder inserters and meters. Everyone was pleased with the products and the dealers who serviced them. Many were happy to see the equipment on display so they could ask questions or get a live demo. Having equipment at the show and a passionate Quadient team to demonstrate the various uses made a really great impression on the industry and attendees alike.”
—Kristy L. Budahazy, Postal Relations and Compliance Project Manager


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