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How to leverage multi-channel delivery

June 15, 2020
Author: Caroline McManus

Using a multi-channel strategy to improve communications, invoicing, notices and EOBs, marketing mail, and more…

Customers are busy and on-the-go. They expect to receive personalized, relevant communications that capture their attention despite their busy schedules. And, they are more likely to react to your message if it is delivered via their preferred channel—physical mail, email, or even text! Depending on what you're mailing, this can translate into getting paid faster, improving your customers’ experience, or sending more effective marketing mail.

Here are the steps your organization can take to develop a multi-channel communications strategy that's better for you and your customers!

1. Survey your customers’ communication needs

As a business owner or leader in your industry, survey your customers to learn their needs and preferred method of communication. Surveying will help determine the best way to communicate and deliver critical information, while also staying relevant and efficiently managing internal costs to do so. This will also foster a sense of partnership with your customer base, as they will feel heard, appreciated, and accommodated with how they want to be contacted.

2. Future-proof your communications

It is so important to look to the future and take steps to expand your capabilities. All businesses, including us at Quadient, want to remain relevant and create a more extensive footprint. As your business grows and expands its offerings, try to actively anticipate customer needs even before they request them.

Tips for future-proofing:

  • Speak with customer service reps to hear their perspectives. They usually have gems to share that come straight from customers!
  • Evaluate how your industry is changing to help you choose new delivery methods for reaching your customers. 
  • Put together a small team to audit your current delivery methods. Focus on where you have gaps and which methods perform best against your business goals.
  • Get expertise. If you want guidance, contact us. Our teams are passionate about process and communication workflows. 

3. Be sure to give your customers options

Customers want options; whether it’s how they buy or pay for goods and services or how they receive communications and the type of communications they receive. Removing options for customers, without a thorough assessment of their needs, puts your business at risk for eliminating a very loyal customer base, thus negatively impacting your business’ bottom line. Earning the trust of customers will prove to be beneficial for your business long-term.

When assessing your delivery methods, ask yourself these questions:

  • Do we offer only one delivery method?
  • Do we allow customers to select multiple options?
  • What incentives have we offered to encourage customers to use email or mobile delivery options?

Rather than offering just one method or promoting digital methods only, it may be useful to incorporate a second delivery option to help customers transition. A key step to driving adoption is to add incentives for customers who do sign up. This will create the kind of partnership your customers are looking for, allowing them to make a change at their own pace. Using a hybrid communications format (digital communication and physical mail) puts the customer first, while still creating internal cost and resource efficiencies for your business. Adding a delivery method will add message frequency, and we've seen this improve customer response time and decrease late payments. Some customers may prefer to receive communications through a portal or physical mail with an email or text reminder. It’s very reasonable to see these existing in tandem. Providing incentives to move from physical mail to digital communication, should be captivating enough for a client or customer to understand the benefit. Making customers comfortable with changing their preferences should be done in a way that doesn’t compromise what they truly want.

 Sell the idea of offering your customers options! 


Interested in multi-channel delivery options, but don't know where to start?

Adding a multi-channel solution offers your business a huge competitive edge, but the path can seem unclear. At Quadient, we can help you find the right solution and develop a workflow to navigate the transition within your company. Our specialists are trained to evaluate your company's process and design a plan that works best for your business and timeline. Set up a call today at 888.272.4004 or explore our customer communication solutions online. 

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