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Meet the NEW Post Office Approved iX-1 Postage Meter

March 14, 2023

Our new iX-1 Meter was field tested, and it’s officially Post Office approved! We brought together Quadient’s best Mailing and Product Experts, to explain it and outline the benefits to businesses, like saving on postage and improving mail security!

If you liked the IS-280 iMeter, then you will love the iX-1. You still get a great postage discount like you did before, but now you'll have some key upgrades and integrations.


Q: What makes the iX-1 Post Office approved?

A: The iX-1 Meter is built to meet the new standard of postage technology from the USPS® called Intelligent Mail Indicia, or IMI. Postal indicia are the markings that carry required postage information on mailed envelopes or package labels. With IMI, its biggest benefit is written right in its name. It’s is a more advanced and intelligent postal marking, which makes it easier for the Post Office to read, calculate, process and deliver your mail.

The USPS oversees the approval of all postage meter technology, and it gave the iX-1 its seal. All postage meters will be required to use IMI postage technology by June 2024. But you can have tomorrow’s postage technology, today, with our full line of iX Series Meters.


IBI: Information-Based Indicia (Phased out by June 2024)

IMI: Intelligent Mail Indicia (New Technology)


Want to get up to speed on Intelligent Mail Indicia? Read more about IMI on our Corporate site.


Q: How does IMI help businesses? 

A: With this new standard of indicia, the USPS will be able to provide even more benefits to mailers, including better postage accuracy, automatic rate updates, and improved security. With IMI, you’ll always have the correct and most accurate postage information – no more over or under paying.

The new IMI technology makes it possible for the Postal Service to automate a lot more of its own tasks. That’s great news for your business, too. More automation improves delivery times and provides you with real-time transaction data. In fact, the exchange of data between your business and the Postal Service will be stronger and more advanced! With IMI, postage updates happen every 72 hours compared to every 90 days with previous meters. All iX Series Meters remain constantly connected to get the latest postal updates and the most current postage rates. Better connectivity. Faster updates. Improved postage.

Need a list of IMI benefits to show your boss? We got you covered with this IMI one-sheet.



Q: What other updates does the iX-1 have?

A: The iX-1 has the latest postage technology and enhancements, but also some essential features and integrations that make mailing a breeze. There are more than 15 standard features as well as several available options to encourage customization for your business. It has a built-in Rate Wizard to help you select the correct postal classes and rates. It offers a shipping software option so you can turn your iX-1 into an all-in-one solution for a low monthly price. You can even set up your own Myquadient postage account to track postage usage, buy supplies, and pay invoices. That’s a really popular feature for busy business these days.

Another new iX-1 feature is its removable 10lb. scale—the biggest in its class! From postcards to packages, the new scale handles it all.


Q: Is the iX-1 easy to set up and use?

A: It’s really easy! The iX-1 was built to take the guesswork out of applying postage. It comes with a quick assembly guide and how-to video tutorials to get your business up and running in no time. But don’t just take our word for it. We also had it field tested and…our guest mailers gave it a thumbs up!


Q: What makes the iX-1 Meter a great choice for small businesses?

A: A postage meter is a great choice for businesses that send 25 letters or more per week. With the iX-1, you can process up 18 letters per minute and you’ll save 5% on the postage for every one of those letters. Its compact design is office friendly and fits anywhere you need it to. Compared to stamps, a postage meter is guaranteed to save your business the time and expense of preparing mail by hand. You’ll have access to over 50 USPS rates and services including First-Class Mail®, Priority Mail® and Certified Mail®. 


Postage meters provide efficiency and productivity through speed, cost-savings, and convenience. Metered mail typically arrives 24 hours faster than stamped mail.
—Ralph Mezzoni, Quadient Product Marketing Director


Q: How does the new iX-1 compare to other postage meters? 

A: Great question! The iX-1 was designed to meet the new USPS standard but also keep the easy-to-use features, functionality and price point that small businesses love. With the iX-1 postage meter, you can save up to 33%* over the competition. That’s over $20 a month in savings.

Looking for a meter right now? First, get the Postage Meter Buyer's Guide



Q: Last question, why should businesses consider using a postage meter?

A: Two words: Cost and Convenience. Using a postage meter saves money because you get access to discounted postal rates. And you no longer have to worry about hidden costs that people sometimes forget to add up, like the time and expense of using stamps or online postage. Why drive to the Post Office and wait in line only to pay full price on letters and packages? You can apply postage in less than 20 seconds. It’s easier for businesses to mail right from the office, and significantly cheaper than using traditional stamps.


Great advice!

If you are considering a postage meter and want to learn more, just reach out and we'll help you find the right one! You can also check our iX Series Postage Meters.


Tips for choosing the right meter for your business:

  • Get a ballpark idea of how much mail your business sends every month.
  • Learn the types of mail services your business needs, such as First Class and Priority Mail.
  • Include any shipping or envelope and package services needed.
  • Factor in the total cost of lease or rental ownership, including fees and ink costs.
  • Choose a mailing partner for your business type, not just a vendor.
  • Evaluate the terms of your contract and look for extras and surcharges in the fine print.


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* Quadient savings is based on the average monthly total cost of ownership over the contract term with free months, as of February 2023. A 33% savings does not include optional NeoShip shipping software. Quadient savings is 29% when NeoShip is included. All offers valid for new customers only, for a one-time use. In rare cases prices for leases in certain areas may go up after the first 12 months.




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