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What is a Folder Inserter? Q&A With Quadient Mail Expert Peter Beal

July 27, 2022

Folder Inserter, Envelope Stuffer, Folding Machine...So Many Different Names, But What Is It?

In this article, we're answering all the top folder inserter questions and showing you what's new with Quadient's DS-40i Folder Inserter. We sat down with our Director of Document Solutions Peter Beal to learn: 

  • What is a folder inserter?
  • What are the benefits?
  • What envelopes can you use with a folder inserter? 
  • What are essential features?
  • What's new with the DS-40i?


Q. No really, what is a folding machine used for?

A. Simply put, a folder inserter is used to speed up the folding, inserting, and delivery of important business communications, like invoices and statements. It is also used to cut down on mailing errors like sending the wrong piece of mail to a customer, especially for industries dealing with sensitive customer, client or patient information.

Q. What are the benefits of a folder inserter?

A. The top benefits are saving time and money on mail prep, as well as peace of mind. We see a lot of companies using administrative assistants and other essential workers to fold, stuff, and seal invoices and statements while also answering phones or doing other important work. Doing mail manually in addition to other work can interrupt an employee's day, and it damages the security of your documents. It's just not a good system!


Q. Are there different types of folding machines?

A. There are three different types of folding machines. There is a standard folding machine, which just folds and doesn’t stuff. There are folder inserters that fold, stuff and seal, like the DS-40i. And, there are “intelligent” folder inserters that customize documents and use barcode technology to collate documents and ensure that each mail piece goes to the right person.

Types of Folder Inserters:

1. Folding machines: Just fold 
2. Folder inserters: Fold, stuff, and seal.
3. “Intelligent” folder inserters: Fold, stuff, and seal, plus read barcodes to documents to reduce errors!


Q. Can a folder inserter process any document or envelope size?

A. Folder inserters of all shapes and sizes can typically process the most popular folds: c-fold, double parallel, and single fold. They can also process most envelope sizes. However if you are sending uncommon envelope sizes or using heavier stock paper, that is something to speak to your sales representative about and see what they can do for you.

At Quadient we test your mail on a folder inserter before you buy, to help ensure 100% customer satisfaction. We’re here to help businesses find not just the right folder inserter but also to problem-solve their document assembly process. We can suggest equipment to use and ways businesses can process mail in more efficient, cost-effective ways. 

Q. Now let’s get into the DS-40i in particular. What makes it so popular? 

A. I'm happy about the popularity of the DS-40i folder inserter. That's because we were getting some feedback from customers that the screen on the DS-35 was not as easy to use as they’d like. We also heard from our customers that it would be a great bonus to have remote assistance and diagnostics to help speed up troubleshooting and cut down service time. Based on this feedback, we upgraded the DS-40i to include a large, color touchscreen, remote diagnostics and assistance, and a tri-fold attachment for folding newsletters. Customers who like the DS-40i folder inserter but need barcode reading can check out the DS-64i Folder Inserter. It's an affordable machine with next-generation features our customers love as well.

DS-40i Special Features

  • Remote diagnostics and assistance
  • Large color touchscreen
  • Tri-fold attachment for folding newsletters

Q. Is the DS-40i built with any particular business size or type in mind?

A. Our new folder inserter is built for any industry, but especially for businesses currently processing all their mail by hand. We’ve made it extremely easy to use and powerful enough to handle anywhere from 300 to 3,000 mail pieces a month. If you are doing more than that a month, or if you are processing more complex batches of mail about 1,000 in one day, you might want to consider a higher-volume folder inserter. A small upgrade can make a big difference and give you additional mail assembly features.


Q. Can I lease the DS-40i? 

A. Yes, the DS-40i can be leased or purchased outright. If you are interested in leasing, you'll pay one low monthly fee for the folder inserter. This is a great option especially if you think your mail materials or mail volume might change. 


Q. Is a folder inserter hard to install?

A. Quadient folder inserters are so easy to install. We’ve made it very simple, no IT involved:

1) Take the folder inserter out of the box

2) Put in the feed trays

3) Press “On” and that’s it!

The wizard-based color touchscreen will walk you through the rest of the setup. But you can start using it right away. If you have any questions you can use our remote diagnostics and assistance for easy troubleshooting. Ou mail experts are just a phone call away!


Q. How is Quadient different than the competitors?

A. We have the largest and most innovative selection of folder inserters. We are always looking to make our machines more versatile, more enjoyable to use, and more secure for businesses. At Quadient, we're passionate about making your mail process easier and more efficient. Our machines are designed to help you add value to your company.


Q. What is the one thing people need to know about the DS-40i?

A. It is really easy to use.


Q. What's the first step if a business is considering a folder inserter?

A. Before purchasing a folder inserter, first understand your mail volumes. Find out how much mail your business sends on a monthly basis and how much goes out daily, or ad hoc. Then get to know what's inside the envelope. Are you mailing invoices, statements, marketing mail, or a combination of business communications? The better you understand the mail you send to customers, the better choices you can make when it comes to choosing the right machine. Any delays in prepping invoices can seriously impact your cash flow, so the right folder inserter can make a difference. Also understand how many mail items need to be included within each envelope. If your employees are doing a lot of sorting and collating of mail by hand, a folder inserter can make a huge impact immediately. If you're opting to send out business communications to the same customer in separate envelopes, a folder inserter can help improve your process but also help you save on postage costs. Lastly, I would say speak to a salesperson, see if you want to work with them, consider what they suggest for your business. Have them test your mail on our folder inserter machines and then decide if you want them to be your business solutions partner. Ask them about the short and long-term benefits of a folder inserter.  

You can even book a demo to see how a folder inserter works - straight from one of our mailrooms. 

Great advice!

If you are considering a folder inserter and want to learn more, just reach out and we'll help you find the right one!


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