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Modern Mail for Marketers: Virtual Reality

October 23, 2017

In a recent blog post, we released an overview of modern mailing technologies that we're covering in the months to come, inspired by the Irresistible Mail site from the USPS®. This month's topic is virtual reality.

On the surface, virtual reality is immersive, interactive and truly exhilirating 360-degree storytelling that can put your brand and communication front and center. You can create a completely unique experience for your customers to bring your brand to life, wherever in the world they may be. All that's required is a smartphone and a mailable headset to make it happen.

Often talked about as the next big thing, VR has the potential to amplify marketing efforts with an endless array of applications. Think about a travel company that can transport you from your home to the beach in seconds... or retailers who can bring the store experience to life from customers' living rooms. These life-like experience add value for the customer in order to convert them.


According to Forbes, the VR industry is expected to become a $150 billion market by 2020... and that date is a lot sooner than it seems. Utilizing these efforts in your mailings is a sure-fire way to make your brand stand out from the crowd.

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