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Calling All Marketers! Get the Most Out of Informed Delivery

June 20, 2017

We talked about the benefits of Informed Delivery for recipients in our April blog post, but what about the advantages for mailers? The USPS is working on plans to create a dedicated Informed Delivery Campaign Portal, which will allow marketers sending physical mail to create, manage and even view results data for their corresponding Informed Delivery campaigns all in one place. The self-serve submission feature via the portal will be especially critical because it gives mailers the flexibility to enter, monitor and optimize campaigns themselves through an easy-to-use online interface. The portal is expected to launch in mid-2017.

The benefits for mailers continue with attractive customization options for marketing campaigns. Though recipients can only preview their mail in grayscale, marketers can digitally attach colorful, clickable images known as “ride-alongs” to the preview of their hard copy mailing. These full color supplements give marketers an opportunity to make their mail pieces pop against the rest. In fact, the USPS notes that 68% respond to or act on digital promotions/discounts on a monthly or more frequent basis versus 58% who respond to or act on physical mail promotions. Plus, it means more impressions for marketers since recipients will preview the mail piece online and then see it again once they grab the hard copy from their mailbox.  Just remember that Informed Delivery only shares previews of letter size mailings… so be sure to optimize your mail design with Informed Delivery in mind to take full advantage.

The possibilities are endless and these enhancements are just the tip of the iceberg. To echo the sentiment of Quadient’s own Vincent DeAngelis, Vice President, Postal Relations and Shipping Product Management in a recent article on page 8 of Mailing Systems Technology: though there’s no replacement for being able to physically interact with mail, there’s no doubt that technology delivers valuable enhancements to the mailing experience. Stay tuned as the new features roll out to see how you can make the most of this new service as both recipient and mailer.


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