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NeoStats Now Reports NeoShip Activity

October 31, 2017

NeoStats does more than just track your postage spend by mail class, NeoStats Enhanced offers detailed weight break reporting, postage spend by department, and now reporting on your shipments through NeoShip.

NeoStats Enhanced: One-Stop Mailing and Shipping Reporting

With NeoStats Enhanced you can now customize your report to show NeoShip activity and analyze your shipping trends and expenses. You can also customize your postage meter report by account, weight, mail class, operator, and combinations of all those criteria.

NeoStats Enhanced offers the flexibility to view only your NeoShip report, only your postage meter report, or both together to get a complete picture of your mailing and shipping expenses to pinpoint where you are spending.

Visit our website to learn out more about what NeoStats Enhanced can do to optimize your mailing and shipping expenses.

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What is NeoShip?

NeoShip is Quadient’s powerful online shipping solution ensures full IM®pb compliance from the USPS® for all your package shipping requirements. Simply access NeoShip through your MyNeopost online account, follow the illustrated prompts and create your shipping label.

Visit our website to learn more about how NeoShip will simplify your online shipping.

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You can find NeoStats, NeoShip and other digital solutions, on - Quadient’s easy-to-use online portal for your small business needs.


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