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Skip Rate Change by Going Digital

Author: Jeff McKenzie, VP IDA Product Marketing - Impress


Those of us in the mailing business expect and plan for the annual postal rate change every year. However, this year is a bit different. For one, the timing is different. It’s happening in August when everyone is supposed to be vacationing or enjoying the great outdoors. It’s also a big one, impacting postal rates across a wide spectrum of services. And it’s happening off the back of a pandemic that has changed how and where many of us do our work. If there has ever been a time to consider changing the way you prepare and send mail, this rate change might just be the catalyst you’ve been waiting for.

Let’s consider the full cost of sending physical mail. Yes, postage is one cost and it keeps going up. But on its own is not a driver for change. However, when you add up everything else it takes to get that mail out the door, the full cost of mail may surprise you. First, you have equipment costs: that is the printers, postage meters and other equipment. Next, come the supply costs: toner and ink, not to mention all the paper and envelopes needed to get the mail out. Finally, people; yes it takes people and their labor to put everything together. In today’s work from anywhere environment, people are at a premium. You could argue the real cost of mail prep is the opportunity cost of people not focusing on mission-critical tasks because they are busy stuffing envelopes. Yes, the full cost of mail can be significant depending on the size of your organization, but there is a better way.

Sending digital communications is a clear path to freedom from the cost of sending physical mail. However, many businesses believe and some studies show that physical mail is still a powerful medium to communicate with customers. So, what is the answer? It’s that you can have the best of both worlds. By using an online, multi-channel mailing platform (hybrid mail), you can enable digital delivery channels while reducing your mail prep to just a few clicks.

Quadient Impress® is an intuitive, modern multi-channel mail solution that, not only helps you send physical mail, but also supports digital channels such as email, SMS, and web-based document portals. Impress automates your entire customer communication workflow giving you the ability and agility to send transactional documents quickly, securely, and accurately according to your customers’ preferences. Free up valuable resources to focus on what matters most to your business. Check out Impress and make a change today.


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