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Gaps create errors in your mail processing.

Errors cost you money.

5 gaps in your mail workflow that can be avoided 

No matter the size of your business or how you process mail, there are probably gaps in your mail prep process that go unnoticed. Here are five gaps that are the most likely to cost you:

  • Completing key steps of mail prep by hand
  • Waiting for a statement run to send out invoices
  • Forgetting to presort mail by zipcode
  • Using only one channel to send your communications
  • Not protecting personal information 



Don't spend money where you don't have to!

There's an easy, affordable way to fill in the gaps in your mail workflow and save money during every step of the mailing process. With Impress, you can add automation to your workflow and simplify the entire process. You'll immediately start reducing the risk of human error while getting mail done a whole lot faster.

Ready to find your gaps? The first step is to schedule a free workflow gap analysis with our Quadient mail experts. 



Not sure if there are missing pieces in your mail process? 

Download "The Ultimate Mail Prep Checklist" before you prepare another invoice, statement or shipment!

  • Save on postage and mail costs
  • Get invoices paid faster
  • Shop for the best shipping rates
  • Deep discounts with presort rates
  • Reduce the cost of undeliverable mail


By adding automation, Ohio Gastroenterology Group was able to fill the gaps in their mail workflow and save $160K annually by capturing lost revenue and saving employee time.

Let's find those gaps!

We can help you save money during every step of the mail prep process.

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