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Transform Everyday Manual Mail Prep With Automation 

Save money on postage, speed up outgoing mail, secure your customer communications and boost your workflow

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Ready to give your mail process a boost? 

With mail management software you'll be able to make sure the right mail gets to the right customer, combine all the communications for a customer into one envelope, reduce undeliverable mail and use multiple channels.

  • Eliminate manual errors 
  • Significantly reduce mail prep time
  • Increase security and efficiency
  • Get paid faster



Mail Management Software can decrease the time it takes your business to prep mail


Simplify your mail prep process

Rely on barcode technology that seamlessly integrates with a folder inserter to secure and automate mail prep. 

Send mail through multiple channels

Boost response rates and decrease your DSO by sending communications through the mail, email or portal 

Reduce manual errors 

Protect personal customer information and prepare communications in compliance with your industry regulations.

Save money on postage and supplies

Combine communications for each customer in one envelope and validate addresses to stop undeliverable mail.

1,000+ C-Suite Professionals Trust Our Platform


“What used to take us a week to prepare and process now only takes one day! Our mail workflow is fully automated with software and our intelligent folder inserter.”

–Peter Wilshaw
Claim Eazy, IT Manager

Improve the Mail Prep Process Across Your Entire Organization

Remove the complexity from your day-to-day mail operations. Our cloud-based software is easy to integrate and easy to use. 

  • Speed up invoice delivery
  • Reduce DSO and operating costs
  • Decrease errors from manual mail prep
  • Improve productivity
  • Ensure compliance with industry regulations


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