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Earth Day 2023: 5 Environmentally Friendly Solutions to Help Businesses Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Upcycle

April 10, 2023
Author: Demetri Smith

Happy Earth Day!

5 Eco-Friendly Solutions That Are Good for the Earth and Good for Business 


Earth Day is on April 22, 2023 and this year’s theme is “Invest in Our Planet.” The topic was chosen specifically to get businesses, governments and citizens around the world to invest in our planet and improve our environment in ways that make a better future for us all. 

At Quadient, we’re ready for the challenge.  

There are so many ways to reduce, reuse, recycle, and even upcycle at your business – right from your mailroom or small office! Here are five earth-friendly mail solutions that are good for the earth and good for business: 


Maximize the Envelope 

Have you ever sent out a monthly statement, marketing piece, or invoice to a customer in separate envelopes? How about sending notices for separate health procedures on the same day in separate mailings?  

If only there were a way to group these communications together and save all that paper… 

A folder inserter does just that! Merging and grouping multiple documents together for the same customer has never been easier. You’ll get to save on paper, mail supplies and also postage, making this idea really, really good for your customers, your pockets and the planet!  

See Folder inserters



Shrink Your Ink! 

Tired of constantly buying new ink? Ever wonder what happens to those cartridges? You don’t have to count this as the cost of doing business. The ink cartridge for the Quadient iX-1 Postage Meter is double the capacity of the competition! With the iX-1, you can print up to 1,300* stamps (indicia) before your cartridge will need to be replaced.*

There are many factors that contribute to the number of impressions you will get from an ink cartridge. Adding extra marketing images and messages to the indicia will use more ink per impression. Keep in mind that running printhead cleaning cycles often uses a lot of ink, which also reduces the number of impressions.

When you count up supply costs, our new iX-1 meter helps your business save money and the planet - one ink cartridge at a time.  

Explore the Ix-1


Think Big, Act Small 

Ink is going to run out, regardless. Instead of making a run to the store or choosing a lower quality alternative that isn’t ideal for the machine, you can have ink shipped to you PLUS a return slip for your used cartridge, which means less plastic in landfills. You’ll be helping us deliver on our commitment as well.  

Take a minute and read about our EasyInk program

Learn About Easyink


Less With Impress 

A lot of your customers still prefer their mail the traditional way, in their mailbox. But many of your customers are starting to prefer their invoices, bills and other communications in the inbox! If your business is ready to go digital you could take a big step toward helping the planet and decreasing your carbon footprint. Impress mail automation software will make this happen! It's eco- and customer-friendly. Send mail to anyone you need from anywhere on the planet. With just one tool you can centralize all of your mail in one place and send it through the postal mail, using e-delivery or securely through one of our print mail facilities. 

(If big steps aren’t your thing, you could just dip in a toe. There are several options for businesses.) 

Learn More on Impress 

No More Undeliverable Mai

Where on Earth does all the mail with incorrect addresses go? Surprisingly, it most likely winds up back at your business labeled as undeliverable mail. Think about all the energy wasted on getting your mailing printed, created, stuffed, delivered – only to have it brought back to your business. Not to mention the additional supplies and materials you'll need to consume to get the mail out again. And that’s just the environmental stuff! Someone at your business has to start all over again, which uses up valuable human resources too. 

If your address data isn’t up to date, it will cost your business and the planet. 

We can help companies ensure that no more than 6 to 10 percent of their mailing costs result from “undeliverable as addressed” (UAA). It’s an industry standard that also meets an environmental standard for us at Quadient. You can quickly and easily check and correct customer addresses in a few simple clicks — no downloads or training required. Learn more about how to add address correction to your mail process with our solution e-Validate.

Explore solution e-Validate


There you have it! Five ways to make an environmental impact on Earth Day, right from your office.  

Our commitment to global standards and our planet are things we take seriously. Visit our Corporate Site to learn more about our policy and EcoVadis platinum rating for sustainability performance. 



Interested in any of these Earth-friendly solutions or ideas? 

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* Results may vary depending on use case and cleaning cycles.

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