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Mail Automation isn't just for big businesses! 

September 13, 2022


Companies of all sizes are delivering communications in a better, faster way. Mail automation is important for every business, but especially small businesses because they run on tighter budgets with fewer resources. Learn how an intelligent folder inserter machine can boost your productivity, reduce time spent prepping mail, and get you started on your road to mail automation.

Here are 5 successes your business can experience when you automate key steps in the process:


1. Assemble monthly invoices & statements in under an hour

Rely on automation to merge, group, sort, fold, stuff, and seal envelopes, so invoices get out much quicker. 

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2. Make the process 10X faster!

Get mail done in minutes! Time is a commodity for small businesses. You can save your employees 8+ hours by automating a mail run with a folder inserter. Rely on barcode technology to get the right mail into the right envelope. Protect customer information - and your business!

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3. Avoid mail errors that put your business at risk

Manually processing mail causes gaps and errors. Errors cost you money. Completing key steps of the mail prep process by hand causes assembly errors. Getting mail out to customers accurately and on time is possible. The first step begins with a folder inserter.  

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4. Save money & get paid faster!

Nearly two-thirds of small businesses are affected by late payments due to errors and invoicing delays. Get invoices out quicker and speed up payment time. You can even recover extra time lost to postal mail slowdowns. 

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5. Make mail prep a thing of the past!

With automation tools like a folder inserter, you can focus on other core tasks like growing your business. 

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