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The Ultimate Mail Prep Checklist

March 25, 2021
Author: Melissa Sandler


According to market research from the IDC, companies lose 20 to 30 percent in revenue every year due to inefficiencies. 

Today, companies and organizations of all sizes and types are rethinking the way work gets done. At Quadient, we're helping companies look for any missing pieces in their mail prep process that cost their business a lot of time and money. Most often, they are found within those tedious, manual tasks.

A good mailing process can help you get paid faster, spend less time on mail and improve relationships with customers.

Review these 8 costly gaps before you prepare another invoice, statement or notice!

  • #1 Are you paying full price for postage?
    There are a number of ways your business can save on postage. Using a postage meter will save you 5% on each mail piece. 
  • #2 Are you manually prepping your mail?
    If you’re still grouping, sorting, folding and stuffing by hand, there’s a better way! You can save time and costly resources with a folder inserter.
  • #3 Do you shop for the best rates on Priority Mail?
    You can save up to 40% when you use shipping software to send with Priority Mail®. Select the lowest cost with the click of the button.
  • #4 How do you protect customers’ data?
    We’re all responsible for protecting customers’ personal identifiable information (PII), even through mail. Avoid costly fines by preparing mail securely using barcodes.
  • #5 Are you paying retail rates for certified mail?
    You can send Certified Mail® with Return Receipt online and save up to 43% on the cost! Plus you’ll get advanced tracking and storage.
  • #6 Do you need to get invoices paid faster?
    You’re 1.5x more likely to get paid if you send an invoice the day you complete service! Mail management software speeds up mail prep, saves money and improves cash flow.
  • #7 Is your mail ever late or returned as undeliverable?
    The real cost of late or returned mail can be as much as $25-$50 per mail piece. Reduce the financial burden of undeliverable mail with address correction software.
  • #8 Do you presort your mail by zip code?
    It’s easy to presort your mail by ZIP+4 using mail management software. Doing so will add automation to your process and qualify you for deep discounts on your postage.

Download a copy of the checklist

Download our mail prep checklist and customize it to fit your mailing needs, or use it to audit your existing mail process.

The more you think about your mailing process and explore your opportunities, the more chances you'll find to save money. 

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Want to explore ways to save on mailing?

Contact a mail expert to learn more about a solution or to schedule an audit of your current mail process. We can help you find ways to make mailing faster, easier and less expensive!



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