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Unpacking the New Postage Rates, Services and Innovations for 2024


Watch the "Unpacking the New Postage Rates, Services and Innovations for 2024" Webinar and get access to all of the resources.


You can watch the recording at your convenience. We discussed the latest postal rate changes and new fees, addressing your questions about First Class Mail, Certified Mail, Priority Mail, and meter updates. Tune in for additional insights and tips.

Our aim is that this information aids you in efficiently handling your mailing and shipping expenses, cutting down on processing time for your mail this year.


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FAQs and more...


  • Does our machine automatically update the rates or does this need to be done manually? 

For those with a new iX Series Meter, the postage rates will be automatically updated. Simply log off and log in to apply the changes! If you're using another Quadient postage meter, you can update the rates by initiating a "Generic Call" from the machine to the server.

Visit our Knowledge base to learn more >>

Find step-by-step instructions, visuals, and a lot more helpful information:


  • How can I tell if I have an IMI postage meter?

If you are a Quadient customer, our iX meters are all IMI compliant. If you have an IS, IN or IM meter, those meters are being decertified by the US Postal Service.

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  • Are the D400 stickers being discontinued?

Yes, but new labels can be obtained by going to myquadient.com and logging in to your account.

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  • What is Mail Automation?

Utilizing a folder inserter allows you to efficiently manage the entire mailing process with minimal effort. This device simplifies the folding, inserting, and delivery of important business communications like invoices and statements. It helps minimize mailing errors, especially in industries dealing with sensitive customer, client, or patient information, preventing the unintentional sending of incorrect mail to recipients. When combined with mail automation software, this setup not only reduces errors but also enhances the overall efficiency of preparing mail for your customers.

Learn more about folder inserters >>

Read our article: Mail Automation isn't just for big businesses! >>


  • Many of our offices have a need to send Certified Mail, and currently, staff members are visiting the U.S. Post Office for these tasks. Is there a more convenient option available?

Glad you asked! There is a more convenient and efficient way to process Certified Mail. You can send Certified Mail directly from your computer or home office, and enjoy a 36% cost savings by using an online solution like e-Certify. Proof of delivery and signatures are available in the e-Certify portal as soon as mailings are delivered, usually within 2-5 business days or less if you use Priority Mail. Just hop into your portal to print delivery confirmations and share signatures with your associates. 
    If you need the confirmation right away, you can still create your Certified Mail piece in the e-Certify portal to manage the chain of custody. Just print your postal service forms and have them date stamped at the Post Office if legal proof of mailing is required.


See for yourself...Check out e-Certify!


  • Are there step-by-step instructions on how to use machines for different types of mailings?

Everything you need to know about your postage meter, how to use it, and how to update it, is on our Knowledge Base. Check it out, find your postage meter and follow the instructions.

You can find the information you need by clicking on this link.


  • Where can I find the updated mailing and shipping rates?

Great question! You can always visit our Postal Rate Hub for updated postal rates. We update this link with the mailing and shipping rates for all three major carriers. You can also get your up-to-date guide with the new postal rates by downloading our 2024 USPS® Postage Rate Guide or 2024 FedEx and UPS Rate Guide.


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