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2022 Workplace Resolutions

January 11, 2022


There's never a better time to implement new saving hacks than at the top of a new year. After all, whose resolution isn't to save more money? Here are five ways Quadient can help you become workflow savvy!


  • Prep for 2022 Rate Changes!

Mail and Parcel rates have gone up this year. Check out our Rate Change Hub to get up to all the details on changes for services like Priority Mail and Priority Mail Express. Also, register to our webinar in mid-January when our top postal experts will go over all of these changes in detail. 

Stay Updated on Rate Change >


  • Automation Transformation

Toss out the tedious manual tasks for a more automated workflow look that screams smart, safe, and simple. Our Impress Automate software is the perfect tool to get that done!

Transform Your Workflow >


  • Save Money This New Year

Start 2022 with a new process that is kind to your budget and protects it from costly errors and reprints.

Start Saving in 2022 > 


  • Say Goodbye to Workflow Gaps

Don't let gaps in your mail workflow follow you into 2022. Find and fix those gaps to start saving you time and money.

Goodbye Workflow Gaps >


  • Upgrade Your Tech for the New Year

Get yourself a folder inserter to cut costs while saving time away from draining mail prep. 

Get Your 2022 Upgrade >




Looking to get started on your workplace resolutions? Contact a Quadient Expert to get started!

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