New USPS® Rates Are Now in Effect! Get a breakdown of the new rates and the major changes >

A cheat sheet to 6 major rate changes from the U.S. Postal Service and tips to reduce the impact.

Changes effective July 10, 2022

Stamps increased 2 cents 

The retail price of a stamp increased 2 cents to $0.60 from $0.58. If your small business uses stamps or purchases postage directly at the Post Office, this price hike will significantly impact your bottom line. 

  • New Stamp Price: 60¢
  • New Discounted Meter Price: 57¢


Using a meter gets you the 5% discount on postage, which really adds up annually. Going to the post office is costing you time and money. If you need a meter, order now and receive a special offer for new Quadient customers! 


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Metered rate increased 4 cents

Metered postage rates for First-Class letters increased 4 cents per letter to 57 cents. There's still good news for meter users. You get the metered discount but now you will save 5% on every mail piece. 

  • Previous Meter Price: 53¢
  • New Meter Price: 57¢
  • New Postcard Price: 44¢


It's more important than ever to make sure all of your postage is updated regularly. Rates can change once or twice each year, and even seasonally. With our newest iX meters, postage rates are updated for you AUTOMATICALLY!


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Certified Mail® with Return Receipt gets more expensive 

The Certified Mail fee increased an additional 25 cents per mail piece, while Return Receipt increased by 20 cents. The cost of a hard-copy receipt will also cost a lot more now. The silver lining: With an electronic Return Receipt, you’ll save $1.25 on every Certified Mail piece. 

  • Certified Mail fee: from $3.75 to $4.00
  • Return Receipt (hard copy) cost: from $3.05 to $3.25
  • Return Receipt (electronic) cost: from $1.85 to $2.00


We highly recommend using electronic Return Receipt. You can upgrade your entire process with a digital workflow and save nearly 48% on all Certified Mail costs immediately with an online solution like e-Certify. 


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It's time to think about presort prices

With the right mail volume, you can take advantage of the USPS presort discounts and pay only 55 cents for postage. First-Class presorted postage increased nearly 3 cents, but sorting invoices, bills and statements by zip code is still advantageous and cost-effective. Now might be the time to make it part of your mail prep process.

  • Presort pricing: 55¢
  • Meter price: 57¢


You can get access to postage discounts with presort prices using our mail automation software Impress®.


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Big picture price adjustments on popular products and special services

Most of the popular, or market dominant, mail products will likely see a price adjustment starting July 10. The Postal Service is also seeking pricing changes on Special Services,  including increases to Certified Mail®, as well as additional ounces on First-Class letters and International Mail.


Class of Mail Price Changes
First-Class Mail 6.5 %
USPS Marketing Mail 6.5 %
Periodicals 8.5 %
Package Services 8.5 %
Special Services 6.4 %



Find out where price adjustments may impact your overall mailroom budget. There's usually an area or two where you can reclaim some budget or improve the process to reduce postage costs.

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Shipping Rate Hikes Are Still In Effect!

Let's not forget! Earlier this year there were rate increases on important shipping services that impact your mailroom budget. Here's a list of the percent increases that impact shipments in 2022:

  • Priority Mail Express®: +3.1%
  • Priority Mail®: +3.1%
  • First-Class Package Service: +8.8%
  • Parcel Select: +5.5%
  • Parcel Return Service: +4.9%
  • USPS Retail Ground: -7.4% (decreased!)


Shipping rates are on the rise, and then there's price increases during the peak seasons to watch out for! Rate shopping is one of the best ways to help your business save on shipping. You can rate shop, compare pricing and get discounts all year long with shipping software. In fact, you can save up to 30% on Priority Mail costs!


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Solutions to help reduce the impact of new USPS rates:

Automatic postal rate updates with the iX-3!

For small and mid-sized businesses that don't have time to think about the mail. Get the mailing and shipping capabilities you need without the large machine...and large price tag. Easily process letters, postcards, envelopes and packages.

  • Access to postage discounts 
  • Option to add Neoship online shipping software
  • Apply postage and seal mail—all with a touch of a button!

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Get access to presort pricing with Impress® 

Depending upon your mail volume, you can use Impress to get access to postage discounts with presort prices while transforming the entire process of preparing and sending mail!

  • Save time and prevent errors during processing
  • Send invoices and payment reminders using online channels
  • Speed up invoicing and payment time


Save 48% on Certified Mail costs with e-Certify

This year the Certified Mail fee and cost of Return Receipt have both increased. With ConnectSuite e-Certify you can save money on Certified Mail with Return Receipt and improve the entire process by using an online solution.

  • Address and print Certified Mail labels online
  • Track mail pieces online and get delivery updates every step of the way
  • Upgrade the entire process of sending Certified Mail


Overcome rate changes with Impress® 

Avoid the hassle of new mailing rates with Impress! Access discounted rates and eliminate the hassle of mail processing entirely with outsourcing. You can even have your mail sent digitally and steer clear of all the new prices. 

  • Have all your mail prep handled for you
  • Lower operating costs by adding delivery channels
  • Leave the stress of new rates behind!


Save 30% on Priority Mail and 18% on Priority Mail Express

Don't miss out on significant discounts using USPS shipping services! They still offer a great value in shipping. Multicarrier shipping software helps you unlock the best rates and takes the guesswork out of your day-to-day  process. Get advanced tracking and create a digital workflow your entire company will benefit from!

  • Get discounted Commercial rates
  • Access 24/7 for real-time tracking of every package
  • Rate shop to choose the best cost and delivery options 


Let's stay ahead of rates.

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