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Business Process Management 


Achieving effective management over business processes can be a challenge, but it doesn't have to be!




The Impress® platform empowers your organization to rethink how mail is prepared and delivered—transforming the entire process, creating a better workflow and saving you time and money.


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“We have a much more efficient document creation, management and delivery process. The whole process now takes less than 60 minutes.”

— Ben Zises, CEO of TriArch Real Estate Group


Impress Is A Multi-Channel Platform for Managing Your Mail Process

Get the flexibility you need to deliver business communications using any combination of channels.

Mail Delivery

Automate your document processing to save time and prevent errors during preparation. 


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Send invoices, payment reminders, and other communications using online channels. 


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Have your communications prepared and delivered to the post office from our secure facility. 


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“What used to take us a week now only takes us one day. We have fully automated the mail prep process.”

—Peter Wilshaw, IT Manager at Claim Eazy

Why Should You Choose Impress to Automate Your Mailing Process?

Mail preparation is a complex, multi-step process. When done manually, it's highly prone to error.


Improves Workflow

Significantly decrease the time and resources needed to prepare mail.


Protects Personal Information

Ensure customers receive their documents and no one else's.




Reduces Costs

Save money on postage and mail costs while capturing lost revenue and employee time.


Accelerates Cash Flow 

Speed up delivery and payment time by getting communications out faster.



92% of surveyed organizations eliminated errors by implementing Quadient Impress solutions. 

— TechValidate survey, Nov 2019

The Benefits of Managing Your Process with Impress

Streamline the entire mail management process, from preparation to delivery!

  • Automates workflow
  • More efficient than manual processing
  • Speeds up delivery, invoicing and payment time
  • Offers multi-channel options and advanced tracking


Impress Gives You Complete Control Over Your Mail Process In One Platform



  • Upgrade Your Workflow

Instead of scanning and attaching documents to emails, create a digital version and send and track your mail through Impress.

  • Merge Documents for Efficiency 

Combine documents to the same recipient for convenience and cost savings.


  • Ensure Integrity

Prepare documents using barcodes for easy and secure processing and delivery.


"The Quadient team used our data to demo Impress. Estimated timelines, speed estimations and cost savings were right on." 

- Kevin Allen, BACTES Imaging Solutions

Let's work together to build a better process for managing your mailing workflow

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