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OMS-500 Mail Management Software

The Easiest, Most Secure Way for Businesses to Automate Mail Prep

OMS-500 uses intelligent barcodes to help you sort, collate and organize your communications securely and then organizes them for delivery using any channel: postal mail, email, fax or online portal. If you’re managing documents by hand, there’s a better, faster, more secure way. 

Mail management software is for all businesses  – small or large, local or global. Every customer interaction is critical. Get your documents client ready with this flexible and affordable solution.

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  • Faster and more efficient sorting, compared to manual prep
  • 100% HIPAA compliance for companies that handle Protected Health Information (PHI)
  • Simpler and more secure processing than stuffing important documents by hand

Watch How OMS-500 Handles Mail Workflow Challenges

OMS-500 uses intelligent barcoding, so you can completely automate the assembly, compliance, tracking, and archiving of your outgoing mail. Simply upload your documents and pre-sort, merge, sort and collate.

The Benefits of Mail Management Software

  • Faster and more efficient than manual sorting
  • Simpler and more secure than processing and stuffing important documents by hand
  • 100% HIPAA compliant for companies that handle Protected Health Information (PHI)
  • Supports collaboration and multiple users across departments
  • Flexible; get OMS-500 installed or use it in the cloud

OMS-500 Features At-A-Glance


Enhance Documents for Customers

Add personalized marketing message or flyers to letters for a better customer experience.


Secure Sensitive Communications

Intelligent barcode security is added to each document, so customers only receive their documents and no one elses.



Save on Postage Costs

Get access to postage discounts with presort prices and avoid undeliverable mail with address correction.


Automatically Collate Multiple Documents

No more sorting! Barcoded documents are automatically collated for your folder inserter to stuff envelopes. 


OMS-500 Gives You Complete Control Over Your Customer Communications


  1. Create a digital version of documents to store online. Add personalized marketing messages, overlays or enclosures to documents. 
  2. Combine documents to the same recipient for convenience and cost savings. 
  3. Ensure identifying barcodes are printed for easy and secure processing with a folder inserter.

Use Document Management Software for All Your Mail Documents


Insert personalized marketing messages and notifications based on customer criteria, creating a better customer experience.


Important statements with personal information can be secured with barcodes and tracked online for HIPAA compliance.

Explanation of Benefits

Urgent communications can be quickly created and mailed within 24 hours getting your message out quickly and easily.

Claim Eazy Eliminated Manual Sorting and Stuffing by Pairing OMS and Their Folder Inserter

By preparing and securing thousands of outgoing letters with Impress and a folder inserter, Claim Eazy processed outgoing mail 80% quicker. 

“What used to take us a week now only takes us one day. We have fully automated the mail prep process.”

—Peter Wilshaw, Claim Eazy, IT Manager

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