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2024 Work-Life Resolutions

January 8, 2024
Author: Demetri Smith


There's never a better time to implement new work-life balance hacks than at the top of a new year. After all, whose resolution isn't to use their time more wisely? Here are five ways Quadient can help you become workflow savvy!


1. Prep for 2024 Rate Changes

Keep your budgets running smoothly.

Here's why: Mail and parcel rates are going up at the end of this month on Jan 21st. Don't get caught at the last minute trying to get your business prepared and end up staying late researching ways to manouver them yourself. Register to our webcast January on Jan 28 and take notes as our top postal experts go over all of these changes in detail.

Also, check out our Rate Change Hub to get up to all the details on changes for services like Priority Mail and Priority Mail Express.

Stay Updated on Rate Change >


2. Automation Transformation

Nothing cuts into your work-life balance like tedious manual tasks.

Getting invoices and sending mail are essential to your business. But, you can get a more automated workflow look that screams smart, safe, and simple. Try our Impress Automate software. It's the perfect tool to get that done!

Transform Your Workflow >


3. Save Money This New Year

Saving money is always a priority.

Spending extra time scrubbing the books to save money will be an issue of the past! Start 2024 with a new process that is kind to your budget and protects it from costly errors and reprints.

Start Saving in 2024 > 


4. Say Goodbye to Workflow Gaps

Don't let gaps in your mail workflow follow you into 2024.

No matter the size of your business or how you process mail, there are probably gaps in your mail prep process that go unnoticed. Things like completing key steps of mail prep by hand or forgetting to validate addresses are gaps that can cause problems. Review all five of the most common gaps in mail prep and find ways to fill in those gaps so you can start saving time and money.

Goodbye Workflow Gaps >


5. Upgrade Your Tech for the New Year

Get your office a folder inserter. 

What if you could do something to impact cash flow and payment times before you even get invoices out to customers? Well, a folder inserter speeds up the process of preparing invoices, statements and other critical customer communications. The sooner you get the process completed, the faster it gets into the mail. It's an easy way to shrink days sales outstanding by 2 to 5 business days, which could go a long way to improving cash flow.

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Looking to keep those work-life resolutions? In just 5 minutes, we can get you get started on saving all year long with a competitive quote on a postage meter.

No really, 5 minutes.

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