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Back to Savings: Five Ways You Can Streamline Your Mailing Process to Save Time & Money for Your Business

Author: Demetri Smith


Save Time. Save Money. Mail Smarter.

Many businesses face challenges when it comes to sending out mail. However, there are practical solutions to help you save both time and money. This article will explore five effective ways to streamline your mailing process and keep your mailroom budget in check. From choosing the most cost-effective mail machines to leveraging automation or outsourcing for convenience, there are plenty of opportunities to optimize your mailing process. 

Discover how you can save on postage expenses, reduce delivery times, put an end to undeliverable mail, and ensure your mail and packages arrive safely at their destination.


#1 Commercial Base Discounts

The best way to manage postage costs is to avoid paying retail rates at the Post Office or an in-store shipping location. Start by saving your business 6% just by using a postage meter. For shipments, you can use software to compare the best delivery time and the most affordable service provider. Or you can take it a step further and find a service-level optimization. There may be a more affordable option you haven’t considered that still gets important mail pieces delivered in 1-3 days. Depending on your mailing and when you need it delivered, you may be able to drive out 80% of your costs using a different service type while gaining tracking, visibility into the mail stream, accountability, and reporting.

With the right mail volume, you can also take advantage of the USPS presort discounts. Sorting invoices, bills, and statements by zip code is still advantageous and cost-effective.

 There are several ways to automate your mailings so you can access postage discounts with presort prices!


#2 Support a Hybrid or Fully Remote Workplace

A report published by Gallup earlier this year showed that 52% of U.S. employees were working in a hybrid model.* Increasing productivity and boosting employee satisfaction is great news for everyone! No matter where you work from, you can now mail from anywhere and get those critical customer communications out on time and without error. With outsourcing, you can access discounted rates and eliminate mail processing entirely. You can even send mail digitally or schedule payment reminders to improve payment time during your next mail run.

Print, sort, stuff, meter, and deliver mail to the Post Office—from your home, the central office, or other offices and business locations.

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#3 Get Invoicing Done 20X Faster

Invoicing is a chore. There are so many new and better ways to get physical and digital communications out to your customers that will also improve the bottom line for your business. For one, you can rely on automation to merge, group, sort, fold, stuff, and seal envelopes so invoices get prepared and out the door much quicker. You can save hours and even days just by automating a mail run with a folder inserter. You can also prevent mistakes from manual pre-processing of mail and be 100% confident that your mailings are error-free. Mistakes are easy to prevent but hard to recover from.

About 61% of late payments are due to mistakes and errors. Automating mail prep with an envelope stuffing machine can reduce errors while speeding up the process.

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#4 Enhance the Effectiveness of Your Mailing Lists

Can your business afford to send invoices that never get delivered or paid? Is your CEO okay with delayed cash flow and outstanding receivables? Ensuring your invoices, statements, parcels, and other communications are received in a timely manner is critical to doing business today. Don’t let your returned mail due to bad mailing address data become a significant cost issue for your business. Let’s put an end to return-to-sender mail. The problem is a lot bigger than wasted postage. Return to sender mail causes significant fiscal issues for your business, like delayed cash flow, lost marketing opportunities, and customer dissatisfaction.

Let’s get your address lists good, clean, & deliverable. Bonus: You’ll also get mail-piece level reporting & tracking, just like a FedEx!

Stop return-to-sender mail


#5 Find At Least One Way To Automate Your Mail Process

Automation. It’s our favorite word! That’s because automating your mail process will save you time and money but also significantly impact your entire workflow. It may even help you get invoices and statements out in 80% less time, resulting in shorter days of sales outstanding.

Once you have an automation-enabled process, we can help you get postal optimizations that ensure faster delivery of your critical documents.

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Don’t let mailing become a burden on your time and budget. Implement our 5 tips and start saving. 



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