Beware of These 6 Mailing Mistakes

October 1, 2019
Author: Caroline McManus
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Avoid these 6 scary mailing and shipping mistakes to keep your mailroom performance in scary good shape!


Don’t haunt your mailings with high postal costs, undeliverable mail, and error-prone manual stuffing. We sat down with our mailing and shipping experts to talk about the 6 mistakes they see small businesses making the most and easy ways to avoid the mail scaries this fall season.  


1. Paying full price for postage. In addition to making mailing more convenient and productive, a postage meter saves your business 5 cents on every first-class mail piece. If you are still paying frightening full price for stamps or spending hours at the Post Office, this is the time to make the switch. Plus, when you ship parcels, padded envelopes, Priority Mail® and Priority Mail Express® with IM®pb barcodes, which is produced by low-cost shipping software like NeoShip, can save you up to 40% off of shipping costs.  

2. Ignoring data quality. Getting the dreaded yellow sticker on that important invoice or business-critical document is enough to spook any CFO or Accounts Receivable Manager! Nearly 40 million people and roughly one-in-five businesses move each year, which can result in businesses having inaccurate addresses that lead to late payments, lower cash flow, and poor customer service. Adding address correcting software to your mailing workflow is a low-cost way to improve Days Sales Outstanding (DSO) and get rid of those pesky yellow stickers. 

3. Not rate shopping. With so many carrier and service options available, not comparing rates can lead to nightmarish shipping invoices especially during peak holiday shipping season! Rate shopping capabilities can come with shipping software that you can add-on to your postage meter. Some software, like NeoShip, allows you to upload your pre-negotiated carrier rates and automatically select the best rate* and fastest shipping options.

4. Processing mail manually. When you think about all the hours your team has spent manually stuffing envelopes you might just think you've been tricked! What else could your valuable administrative assistant get done if they didn't have to stuff and seal hundreds of envelopes? It is easy to introduce simple automation into your mailroom with low-volume folder inserters that automatically fold, stuff and seal hundreds of envelopes in an hour.

Plus, if your business is sick of manually sorting documents into piles or are staying up late thinking about mailing errors like sending the mail to the wrong customers, it might be time to use software to barcode your documents. Barcodes identify for the folder inserter mail pieces that go to the same recipient so there is no more pulling exceptions, manually merging documents for the same customers, flagging certain customers for special BREs or marketing mail pieces. This just might be the sweetest news you hear this Halloween!

5. Not considering outsourcing options. If mailing from your desktop sounds like a treat, then outsourcing might be for you. You can outsource all or just part of your mailing operation to cut down on mail and postage costs and free up hours of time for value-added work. Outsourcing gives you access to top-of-the-line equipment and facilities that could cost thousands of dollars for you to re-create in your office. You can take advantage of a mail process that is quick, secure and 100% HIPAA compliant. Find out if outsourcing may be the missing link in your mail workflow, it's wicked good!

6. Not including ads and promos in invoices and business mail.  Receiving hundreds of invoices and marketing mail pieces may be the scariest thing your customers experience. Make sure that your communications with customers aren't a horror, but rather something your customers look forward to. Create professional and engaging invoices or statements that are personalized for the customer with special promotions or notices. Also ensure that customers receive communications the way they want, whether it be email, fax or text! Check out output management software to find out more! 


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*Rate comparison is between the USPS® and FedEx®. UPS® is not included in the comparison. UPS® rates may be viewed separately