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How to Declutter Your Mail Prep Process

March 21, 2021
Author: Katharine Beckert


5 Tips to Improving Your Mailing Process 

It's that time of year—spring cleaning time! Tossing out that old winter clutter makes every home (or office) feel brand new, but why stop there? You can also declutter your mail prep process and save time, money and resources. Sounds great, right? We pulled together 5 tips to help you get started!


#1: Give Your Mailroom a Digital Makeover!

Unfortunately, there are some fads that will never come back in style. (Here's looking at you, shoulder pads.) It's the same with manual mail prep. That's the old way of doing things. Adding automation to your mailing process will reduce costs while increasing productivity. When you use mail management software in combination with a folder inserter, you'll also significantly reduce the number of manual mail prep errors. Automation allows you to oversee the process, not the paper!

  • Cut Costs
  • Boost Productivity
  • Reduce Errors
  • Protect Customer Data

#2: Spackle Those Workflow Gaps

That’s right, we’re talking workflow gaps! If you're still preparing mail by hand, there are probably gaps in your process that go unnoticed. Gaps create errors, and errors cost you time and money. No matter how big or small your business, you can have a customized workflow. If you’re grouping, sorting and pulling exceptions by hand, your mail is much more prone to error. Manually prepping mail, not presorting by zip code, or only using one channel to send mail are just some of the gaps that could be hurting your business. Now don’t go too crazy with the spackle just yet! There's an easy, affordable way to fill in the gaps in your mail workflow and save money during every step of the mailing process. Contact us to schedule a workflow gap analysis.


#3: Ditch Data Clutter!

It's easy to get used to clutter, especially at your desk. Once a stack of papers and sticky notes have found their home, they just become part of the scenery. But don’t let all that paper leave you with a whole new stack of unwanted clutter: undeliverable mail. From making sure your addresses are up to date to double-checking compliance, there are plenty of ways to clean up your postal addresses and prevent undeliverable mail. The industry standard for mail that is “Undeliverable As Addressed” (UAA) should be no more than 6-10% of your total annual postage costs. Learn what undeliverable mail is actually costing you by checking out e-Validate, our cloud-based address validation software. Get in touch with a Quadient rep who can help you score your customer address lists and show you how e-Validate works



#4: Go Paperless!

These days many customers prefer to receive a digital invoice or statement instead of getting their bills through the postal mail. You can cut down on the paper clutter for you and your customers by offering paperless delivery options. Sending invoices, friendly payment reminders and other communications securely through e-Delivery can even get you paid faster and reduce Days Sales Outstanding (DSO). Or you can outsource your mailing process and skip all the tedious printing, sorting, stuffing, and mail prep. You'll be able to send mail in just a few clicks. No matter how you choose to go paperless, you’re able to say goodbye to the mountain of documents and countless paper cuts!

Tip: With outsourcing you can choose the delivery channel that's right for each customer without adding to your mailroom clutter!



#5: Upgrade Your Technology!

Nothing catches dust more like old technology. But what if the newer model did everything you wanted…and more? Upgrading to an intelligent folder inserter can be one of the first steps to giving your mailing workflow the fresh start it needs by reducing the risk of costly errors and eliminating tedious, manual tasks. An intelligent folder inserter uses barcode technology to take care of the sorting, collating, grouping, folding, and stuffing so you don't have to. With the right technology, the right mail gets into the right envelope—every time! And when you boost your machine’s intelligence with mail management software, it will feel like the mail practically does itself!


Interested in decluttering your mail process but don't know where to start? Contact a Quadient Mail Expert for advice!

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